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A high-quality research plan is fundamental and a necessary part of the scientific studies. Instructions regarding the different parts of the research plan are listed below. All the information should be given in English.

  • Briefly describe the doctoral thesis project, the state of the art, and key problems in the current knowledge of the research field in question.
  • Define and describe the objectives of the project and sub-projects, and how the sub-projects are linked together. Describe a clear aim and hypothesis.
  • Provide a general description of the materials, methods, expected problems, and alternative solutions.
  • Give the site of research. Describe the research infrastructure, possible network, and collaboration (both national and international).
  • Describe the schedule of the research work to be carried out with the help of this grant, the overall timeline, and the current state of the project.
  • Provide a detailed description of how you plan to use the applied funding, including the exact period when you plan to work (full time) on this grant.
  • Please note that the grant recipient must pay mandatory MELA insurance premiums. More information:
  • The research grants are intended for full-time research work (grant-based) and may not be used for covering research materials or other research-related costs. 
  • The maximum amount of the awarded grant per month is equivalent to the State’s artist grant (2,196.30 €/month).