The Finnish Pharmaceutical Society maintains three funds, from which grants are awarded for scientific research and researcher training activities in the field on pharmacy.

Albert Wuoko's fund is an award fund from which an annual recognition award is awarded. The recipient of the award must be at least a pharmacist who has advanced pharmacy in Finland in the field of scientific or practical pharmacy. Every other year, the recognition award is given to a young researcher.

From the Research and training fund of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society, personal grants can be awarded for the scientific research work and for participation in scientific meetings and researcher training events. The grant can also be awarded to a foreign researcher who comes to Finland to participate in research work or researcher training. The grants will be announced for applications in January and May, and their distribution and size will be decided by the board of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society.

The purpose of the Richard Björksten's fund is to maintain and develop pharmaceutical scientific publishing in our country and to assist in the organization of scientific meetings or researcher training events, as well as to finance the society's own presentation and seminar activities. The board of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society makes the decisions of the grants - and if suitable - even without a deadline-bound application procedure.