Instructions for the grantees


The grant will be paid to your account at the beginning of the grant period after you have given the following information to the treasurer (tiina.sikanen(a) 

  •       Your full name 
  •       Your home address 
  •       Your personal identity code 
  •       Your bank account information (account number and BIC)
  •       Exact timing of the grant period, both start and end dates. We will inform MELA of your grant period accordingly. You will also have to inform MELA yourself and the grant period in your correspondence must be the same.

In three months after using the grant, you should give a written clarification of the progress of your research work.  The clarification form is on the web pages of the society.


The grant will be paid to your bank account, based on realized costs, after receiving your clarification about the use of the grant. The clarification should be submitted via the grant clarification form and include: 

  •       Your full name 
  •       Your home address
  •       Your bank account information (account number and BIC)
  •       Copies of the original invoices and receipts paid by the SFY grant
  • Your congress abstract/poster  
  •       A one-page summary of the meeting

In case you need a prepayment, please contact the treasurer already before the travel. In this case, you should give the clarification within one month after your travel. 

If the event is cancelled, please inform us immediately by contacting the treasurer. The travel grant cannot be postponed or used for any other than its intended purpose without consulting the board of the society


The following information must be sent to our treasurer (tiina.sikanen(a)

  •       Name, time, and location of the congress
  •       Contact person and email address
  •       Grant receiver (if other than the contact person)
  •       Address (grant receiver)
  •       Bank account information (IBAN and SWIFT)
  •       Reference number (if needed)

In one month after the event, you should give a written clarification of the budget and the organized event. The clarification form is on the web pages of the society. 

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Society hopes that the society is acknowledge by adding the logo and the name of the society to the materials of the symposium to an appropriate place. Please contact the secretary (arto.merivaara(a) for the materials.