Travel grants and grants for organizing a scientific meeting

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Society is pleased to announce the opening of the call for applications for travel grants and grants for organizing scientific meetings or conferences. The application time for the grants is 1.1.-31.1.2024. Personal grants can be applied for 1) participation in scientific meetings and events and 2) for organizing a scientific meeting or conference. Grants are not awarded for past events and the grant must be used in 2024. The grant decisions are made by the board of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society. The grant recipients will be notified at the beginning of March. A dedicated part of the grants will be awarded to participate in the 10th BBBB conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences in Tartu on 12 –14.9.2024

The grants can be applied during 1.1.-31.1.2024 through an application form found on the webpage.

The grant recipient is expected to provide a written clarification on the use of the grant within three months of using the grant. The application call for research grants for conducting scientific PhD studies (PhD scholarships) will be launched in May 2024.